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Ilha Formosa, part 5

El último parte. Photos taken in Taitung County, Taiwan.  

Ilha Formosa, part 4

Kaohsiung County and Taitung County, Taiwan. Taiwan’s HSR = sexaaaay.

Ilha Formosa, part 3

Xitou, Nantou County, Taiwan. “Food” Pineapple infused Taiwan Beer. Delish. Bottom half: “Welcome guests! I’m Ba-dou-yao (sounds the same as the Taiwanese for “I’m hungry.” Cutest pun ever). Come in and have a meal with me!”

Ilha Formosa, part 2

Taipei County, Taiwan. The best sweet potato fries in the history of ever.  Family names.

Ilha Formosa, part 1

About time I started putting these up. These were taken in various locations throughout Taipei City, Taiwan. Taken at the National Palace Museum. No, that is not a nurse’s cap. “I love the Palace Museum, Palace Museum loves me” View from the Maokong Gondola. Like Taipei 101 without the exorbitantly priced entrance tickets. (Rides are […]