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This one’s for you and me

There will come a day where I will be able to talk about Henry in a completely rational, non-spazzy, non-fangirly fashion, but for now, this is probably the best you’re gonna get from me. :P

Recent muzak #1

Been out of the loop for the past month due to finals and other related tomfoolery, but I’m back and am working on a few personal projects at the moment (one of which is a revamp of the blog layout, so watch out for that. Finally finished on 5/20! Hope y’all enjoy~) K-pop world has […]

Is this the best they could do?!

Ugh, this has got to be THE laziest music video SM has produced to date. I’ve learned to stop expecting originality from SM videos, seeing as they’ve used the same formula in almost every single one of their music videos since Day 0 – but did everyone in SM’s creative staff take a vacation when […]