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Ilha Formosa, part 4

Kaohsiung County and Taitung County, Taiwan. Taiwan’s HSR = sexaaaay.

Ilha Formosa, part 3

Xitou, Nantou County, Taiwan. “Food” Pineapple infused Taiwan Beer. Delish. Bottom half: “Welcome guests! I’m Ba-dou-yao (sounds the same as the Taiwanese for “I’m hungry.” Cutest pun ever). Come in and have a meal with me!”

Recent things #1

What’s in my bag: keys, Bible, card holder, wallet, phone in phone pouch, iPod, pen case, gigantic headphones, pouch with lip balm, bobby pins, etc. Lipstick from Etude House in Mission Red. Shopping at Etude House while in Taiwan turned me from a skeptic into a believer, even if the mere action of stepping into […]

Ilha Formosa, part 2

Taipei County, Taiwan. The best sweet potato fries in the history of ever.  Family names.

Ilha Formosa, part 1

About time I started putting these up. These were taken in various locations throughout Taipei City, Taiwan. Taken at the National Palace Museum. No, that is not a nurse’s cap. “I love the Palace Museum, Palace Museum loves me” View from the Maokong Gondola. Like Taipei 101 without the exorbitantly priced entrance tickets. (Rides are […]