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Album Review #10: “XOXO” – Exo

You know that weird, constipated feeling you get when you’re speeding up on the ramp of the highway and the gear hasn’t shifted yet, so you’re stuck feeling like you’re pushing a few dozen bricks with your tires for three hundred yards or so until the car finally kicks into high gear and you’re driving […]

K-pop Digest #1: “Dream Girl” — SHINee

If any of y’all were thinking that my lack of commentary regarding SHINee’s comeback was intentional, know that I am now slowly and tearfully eating my words from my last post. I’ve been keeping an eye on SHINee’s activities from the periphery, but I just haven’t had the time or energy to write about it […]

This is the first of many SHINee comeback posts

Sometimes I ask myself why I still haven’t gotten over my SHINee phase after almost three long years of diehard fangirling. But then performances like this happen and I say to myself, “Why, what a silly question.” I’ve resisted putting “Keeping Love Again” on my iPod only because it makes it that much more special […]

Year-end gayos 2012, part 2

I ended up liking the MBC show the most because it was actually exciting to watch all the way through despite its lack of collaboration stages. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge sucker for collabs (hence why my favorite performance was the SHINee/f(x) collabo which was, in all honestly, kind of a dud), but […]

Year-end gayos 2012, part 1

Nothing quite like ringing in 2013 after spending two straight days following these MARATHON year-end music shows. After three years of following year-end gayos, I think it’s safe to say that my standards are set way too high for these shows. I mean, this is literally the one thing I look forward to in K-pop […]