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What’s mine is yours

Before I start, I should clarify that the sole reason why I’m writing this post is to piss off the entire JYJ fandom, and that as a fervent JYJ anti, I live for nothing else apart from the sheer diabolical pleasure I get from writing articles on the internet bashing a band for which I […]

Are K-pop idols stupid?

A/N: This is an old article that was originally posted on Seoulbeats a month ago, but it’s one of my personal favorites so here it is, reposted for posterity. Enjoy! I’ve taken a liking to Super Junior lately, and I’m not really sure why. In terms of K-pop fandom, Super Junior breaks almost all of […]

Album Review #5: “Mr. Simple” – Super Junior

Never have I felt so conflicted about a K-pop promotional single, ever. Super Junior recently returned to the K-pop scene with their fifth full-length album, Mr. Simple, after a year-long break. While the release of their teaser photos evoked similar responses from K-pop fans all over (most of them being along the lines of “Who’s […]

In a word, awesome

Oh hey, still alive. Been super busy – I actually should be putting together a Chinese presentation for Monday…but, you know. Priorities. Aside from school (and there has been lots of it), I attended the SHINee concert in Taipei last weekend and I hope you all are jealous. I’m beginning to realize that K-pop in […]

Album Review #3: “Their Rooms, Our Story” – JYJ

First off, many thanks to those who read (and hopefully liked!) my last review on DBSK’s Keep Your Head Down. As per the numerous requests I received, I’ve decided to review JYJ’s Their Rooms, Our Story album as well. However, I should preface this review by saying that because of the irregular nature of JYJ’s […]