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Year-end gayos 2012, part 1

Nothing quite like ringing in 2013 after spending two straight days following these MARATHON year-end music shows. After three years of following year-end gayos, I think it’s safe to say that my standards are set way too high for these shows. I mean, this is literally the one thing I look forward to in K-pop […]

DBSK on MuBank, 10/5/12: “I Don’t Know” + “Catch Me”

I’m really ashamed to even admit that I find any of this impressive….but isn’t that the tragedy about DBSK? I mean, they’re probably going to get really awful material all the way until they retire, but they’re going to do a kickass job of performing that material no matter how awful it is, so you […]

SHINee on MuBank, 3/23/12: “Sherlock”

This is ridiculous, yo. The choreography for “Sherlock” is laughably embarrassing at points (slo-mo walking? body waves? pseudo-Russian kick-dancing?!) but it’s probably the most intense choreography SHINee has gotten to date. Pair that with a super-intense vocal line and you wonder how SHINee isn’t in the hospital hooked onto IV drips after every performance. Oh wait. To […]

Keep on keepin’ on

These past few days have been pretty emotionally exhausting for various reasons, and recent events have made me consider giving up K-pop blogging for good. The response from this post was, obviously, far more explosive than I could have ever imagined, and while I welcome the criticisms towards my opinion or even my writing style, […]

2012 feels like it’s gonna be a Cube kinda year

…That is, if 2011 wasn’t Cube’s year already. Music Bank, December 23rd, 2011 – Hyuna, G.NA, Beast Dance Battle: Anyone else strangely attracted to Hyunseung and his teenage-boy-at-a-high-school-dance outfit? Hello bias, nice to meet you. I’m currently in the process of putting together my 2011 wrap-up posts, and it’s proving to be a much more […]