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Caesura: A Year in Music, 2012

And to wrap up 2012, here’s a rundown of the top 20 albums and EPs that left an impression on me this year. Gonna keep this one short.

Song of the day: “D.D.D.”

倖田來未 feat. SOULHEAD: “D.D.D” [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Been on a severe Koda Kumi binge lately, if it hasn’t been too obvious. Not digging what I’ve seen of her latest music video, but that’s the charm of having almost ten(!) years of material to backtrack on and unabashedly girlcrush over. It’s only […]

Welcome to nightmare world tonight

I’ve just been reminiscing over old DBSK tour footage, and I still can’t get over how tight the choreography for “Last Angel” is. I think it’s their most well-choreographed song to date (although one must take into account that DBSK has suffered some pretty awful choreography with their Japanese songs *cough* “Survivor” *cough*): HD that […]