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This is the first of many SHINee comeback posts

Sometimes I ask myself why I still haven’t gotten over my SHINee phase after almost three long years of diehard fangirling. But then performances like this happen and I say to myself, “Why, what a silly question.” I’ve resisted putting “Keeping Love Again” on my iPod only because it makes it that much more special […]

Caesura: A Year in Music, 2012

And to wrap up 2012, here’s a rundown of the top 20 albums and EPs that left an impression on me this year. Gonna keep this one short.

Formspring #2: Favorite lives

This question has been sitting in my Formspring inbox for seven (seven! seven! SEVEN.) months, and needless to say, it’s high time that I got around to answering it. He/she asked: Fave live k-pop performances EVER?? I should warn that this list is going to be far from all-inclusive, but here are eight performances that come […]

Album Review #6: “The First” – SHINee

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you have tons of opinions and no opinions about something all at the same time? That’s basically how I feel about this album. When news broke of SHINee releasing a full-length Japanese album, I was pretty excited. Until now, all of SHINee’s releases were mere […]

Music Fair, September 2nd, 2011: “Juliette” – SHINee

Key speaks impressive Japanese, Minho wears a tail, and all is right in the SHINee World. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not 100% happy with how SHINee’s promotions in Japan are being managed. Everything they’ve done since their debut Japanese single has been an obvious rehash of their Korean work, and I mean, who’s […]