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城市,家園 / City, My Home

I haven’t written a real post in forever (and probably won’t be able to until this semester is over, sob), but I just wanted to pop in and post this essay I wrote for a writing contest sponsored by the Chinese department at Wellesley. The topic was “What characterizes the personality of a city?” Even […]

Things I Miss

Taking pictures Playing music Writing anything that is not a paper Having enough time in the evening to plan out my outfit for the next day (L-O-EFFING-L) Reading books. READING BOOKS. Guilt-free naps Answering the question “How are you?” with anything other than “Busy” Putting together blog posts that aren’t in list form D-3 until […]

Hundreds of stories

There’s this line in Hamlet where Hamlet advises one of the players on how to act properly, cautioning him of the gravitas of theatre upon its audience. Hamlet describes theatre as a mirror in which the audience is able to see its own vices and virtues; a mirror that reflects “the very age and body of […]

What’s mine is yours

Before I start, I should clarify that the sole reason why I’m writing this post is to piss off the entire JYJ fandom, and that as a fervent JYJ anti, I live for nothing else apart from the sheer diabolical pleasure I get from writing articles on the internet bashing a band for which I […]

You are not alone, you are not alone

There’s this feeling that no matter how hard you work, you can always be better, and as long as you can be better, you’re not good enough. You’re a slacker, you’re stupid, and MIT keeps an overflowing warehouse of proof in the second basement of building 36. There’s stress and there’s shame and there’s insecurity. […]