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We are sorry to inform you

They say that good things always come to those who wait.

4: A Year, and then some

Hey guys — it’s 2014. I was originally going to compile an end-of-year wrap-up post for 2013 like I’ve done every year since this blog’s inception, but let’s face it dudes: I basically fell off the K-pop radar this year, and the last entry on this blog — posted two months ago —  consisted of […]


I finally got my driver’s license two weeks ago at the ripe old age of 20. Connecticut’s public transportation system is virtually nonexistent and the area where I live is fairly unwalkable, so it’s kind of unusual for me to be getting my driver’s license so late in the game. Most of my classmates passed […]

I’m sorry, I love you

  f(x) – Goodbye Summer     친구라는 이름 어느새 미워진 이름 감추던 감정은 지금도 아픈 비밀의 기억일 뿐 우리 사인 정리할 수 없는 사진 보면 가슴 아린 Story, I’m sorry 여름아 이젠 Goodbye  

城市,家園 / City, My Home

I haven’t written a real post in forever (and probably won’t be able to until this semester is over, sob), but I just wanted to pop in and post this essay I wrote for a writing contest sponsored by the Chinese department at Wellesley. The topic was “What characterizes the personality of a city?” Even […]