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Year-end gayos 2012, part 2

I ended up liking the MBC show the most because it was actually exciting to watch all the way through despite its lack of collaboration stages. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge sucker for collabs (hence why my favorite performance was the SHINee/f(x) collabo which was, in all honestly, kind of a dud), but […]

Inkigayo: August 21st, 2011: Super Junior & f(x) dance stage

Dudes, how great was this? This aired last Sunday, and even though my lazy bum didn’t get around to writing about it until now, it’s still a killer performance and blew all the other dance stages out of the water. (Before I divulge into anything else, let me say: KYUHYUN IN A SPECIAL DANCE STAGE. […]

Music Bank: June 24th, 2011

You’d think that I’d be following music shows more closely now that I’m on the proper side of the globe to do so…but instead, my naps are conveniently timed so that I sleep through it every week. (The reasoning behind the naps is the same as the reasoning behind my lazy blogging as of late. […]

Recent muzak #1

Been out of the loop for the past month due to finals and other related tomfoolery, but I’m back and am working on a few personal projects at the moment (one of which is a revamp of the blog layout, so watch out for that. Finally finished on 5/20! Hope y’all enjoy~) K-pop world has […]

Why they gotta do this to me ;_;

F(x), oh f(x). I tried so, so, so hard to like you. But I just can’t – I can’t do it no mo’. I didn’t have good vibes about “Pinocchio” since day one when the individual teaser photos came out. Things only seemed to get worse as more audio and video teasers were released, and […]