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Formspring #2: Favorite lives

This question has been sitting in my Formspring inbox for seven (seven! seven! SEVEN.) months, and needless to say, it’s high time that I got around to answering it. He/she asked: Fave live k-pop performances EVER?? I should warn that this list is going to be far from all-inclusive, but here are eight performances that come […]

Formspring #1: Top of the top

Someone asked on Formspring: Top 10 fave songs from your top kpop idol groups? And because this question would be really obnoxious to answer directly on Formspring, here y’go: DBSK 1. 하루달/ハルダル (Day Moon) 2. Hug (a cappella) 3. 소원 (Wish) (feat. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook) 4. 9095 5. Hey! Girl 6. Flower Lady 7. 12:34 (Nothing […]