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Race, Broadway, and Lin-Manuel Miranda

It’s been a while since I first came across this interview that Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights, West Side Story, House) did with THNKR. I rewatched it recently and it really got me thinking about the intersection of race and theatre. There’s probably no one I respect and admire more in the musical theatre world […]


Forget “Mama” and “Wolf.” This is the “made-for-performance” song that SMTown dreams are made of. (This post is brought to you courtesy of a week’s worth of writer’s block. If you don’t read this, you will probably hurt my feelings.)

Hundreds of stories

There’s this line in Hamlet where Hamlet advises one of the players on how to act properly, cautioning him of the gravitas of theatre upon its audience. Hamlet describes theatre as a mirror in which the audience is able to see its own vices and virtues; a mirror that reflects “the very age and body of […]

6/13/10: Green Day at the Tony Awards

I haven’t seen a Broadway show for a ridiculously long time, but I want to see this. Obviously because it’s Green Day and the idea of putting Green Day on Broadway is an interesting idea, but also because of John Gallagher, Jr.  *nods* Unlike too many of its predecessors, American Idiot isn’t trafficking in […]