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Hundreds of stories

There’s this line in Hamlet where Hamlet advises one of the players on how to act properly, cautioning him of the gravitas of theatre upon its audience. Hamlet describes theatre as a mirror in which the audience is able to see its own vices and virtues; a mirror that reflects “the very age and body of […]

Gangnam Style, Racism, and the Evolving Asian Stereotype

A piece I wrote for Wellesley’s Asian/Asian-American interest magazine, Generasians. This was written a few months ago (back when writing long essays about the socio-cultural effects of “Gangnam Style” was still in vogue), but the fall ’12 issue was just released today and I didn’t want to put this up until the print edition was out. […]

This one’s for you and me

There will come a day where I will be able to talk about Henry in a completely rational, non-spazzy, non-fangirly fashion, but for now, this is probably the best you’re gonna get from me. :P

And sometimes this is real life

I always feel my insides twitch whenever I watch an episode of “Kids React.” It’s probably because there’s something that bothers me about preteens carrying an air of maturity beyond their years and harshly criticizing whatever comes their way. Trufax: I used to be one of those kids, and I really hate looking back on […]

The show goes on

Who has a huge crush on Kris Liu, the Harvard freshman and amazing beatboxer from Taiwan? Patricia does. No matter how you look at it, Kollaboration is very much a political statement – but what exactly is that political statement? I attended this year’s Kollaboration Boston thinking that the ‘movement,’ as they call it, is aptly […]