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I love me enough for the both of us

“You give but you cannot take love.”  

The Groban

So I managed to sneak my giant DSLR into the Josh Groban concert at TD Garden last night….but I forgot my zoom lens. At home. In Connecticut. Woe. I am so obsessed with this man. Also, I love this song. The entire Illuminations album is incredible.   Josh Groban – Você Existe Em Mim [Audio clip: view […]

Recent muzak #3

I’ve done exactly one of these music posts every summer for the past three years, which is sad because I usually only wind up writing these whenever I find myself too out of touch with K-pop to write anything intelligent, but am still hanging onto things just enough to keep up with the major releases […]

Caesura: A Year in Music, 2012

And to wrap up 2012, here’s a rundown of the top 20 albums and EPs that left an impression on me this year. Gonna keep this one short.

Recent muzak #2

Since I’ve returned from Taiwan, I’ve started about four different drafts in an attempt to get back into the groove of writing. This post is the sole survivor. :( It seems that I’ve been out of the writing loop for so long that I’ve somehow completely forgotten how to write critically (lol) about K-pop. Oh, the […]