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Different strokes

I don’t think I’m in love with tattoos enough to get one of my own anytime soon, but if I were, I would want to get one done by Joey Pang. Based in Hong Kong, Joey’s mastery of translating traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy styles into permanent body art has earned her international acclaim, […]

Hold still, don’t move

From Connecticut, with love

It was around 70 degrees today, which, needless to say, is fairly atypical for mid-March New England weather…but hey. I ain’t complainin’. I love being back home. :)


Oh, screw it. Just take my money, SM. Take all of it.

Calm after the storm

Classes start tomorrow, but thank goodness for good-weather days like today. I took my new toy(!!!) out for the first time for a trip in Boston. For now, here are some photos – fruits of my labor from pretending to know how to use a big-girl camera. (I’ll get better at this, I promise.)