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Album Review #10: “XOXO” – Exo

You know that weird, constipated feeling you get when you’re speeding up on the ramp of the highway and the gear hasn’t shifted yet, so you’re stuck feeling like you’re pushing a few dozen bricks with your tires for three hundred yards or so until the car finally kicks into high gear and you’re driving […]

The last fandom standing

There have been way too many things going on in my life lately for me to maintain a decent handle on what’s been happening in K-pop. I tried to watch last week’s MuCore and ended up fast forwarding through the whole thing because I recognized n-o-b-o-d-y except for like, Dal Shabet, B1A4, and Boyfriend. You […]

Album Review #9: “Catch Me” – 동방신기

I feel like my reactions towards DBSK’s stuff are getting less and less visceral with every release. Remember how much pent-up rage I had when I first reviewed Keep Your Head Down? Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, but I just don’t have the energy for that shit anymore. Or maybe I just don’t have the […]

Album Review #8: “Sexy, Free & Single” – Super Junior

Was looking through my list of previous reviews and found myself being somewhat annoyed at the fact that my album reviews thus far have rested firmly in the SMTown camp. Of course, this has largely to do with the fact that I usually only write about stuff that I actually care about, and while it […]

Album Review #7: “Sherlock” – SHINee

For what it’s worth, I’ve never been too fazed at the outrageous comeback teaser photos of SM artists, even if they do feature half-naked, barely-legal boys with long, strawberry blond hair. If there’s one thing SM’s good at, it’s building up hype, and releasing outrageously ugly teaser photos is one way to get attention. Bad […]