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Genie Time

Wow, I never got around to putting these up, did I? Haha. Wrote a little spiel on Junsu’s concert in NYC over at Seoulbeats. For now, here’s a sampling from my photo stash. Download all 36 photos here. I went a little nuts and took over a thousand pictures at this concert, but only 36 […]

Hold still, don’t move

Snorkeling with a drinking straw

I find that the title of this post aptly describes my projected state of mind for the next month. End of the semester woe, I welcome thee with a sword to the face. I’ve been taking an electronic music composition class this semester, and for the most part it has caused me to feel that […]

From Connecticut, with love

It was around 70 degrees today, which, needless to say, is fairly atypical for mid-March New England weather…but hey. I ain’t complainin’. I love being back home. :)

Calm after the storm

Classes start tomorrow, but thank goodness for good-weather days like today. I took my new toy(!!!) out for the first time for a trip in Boston. For now, here are some photos – fruits of my labor from pretending to know how to use a big-girl camera. (I’ll get better at this, I promise.)