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Some snaps from a recent family cruise to Alaska. Between unpacking, working on a high school choir alum project, and editing med school essays for friends, I’ve been writing my Wellesley postgrad reflections and sweet fancy Moses it is so hard. Too many feelings and not enough words, I guess. (More glacier-y goodness below the cut.)


I finally got my driver’s license two weeks ago at the ripe old age of 20. Connecticut’s public transportation system is virtually nonexistent and the area where I live is fairly unwalkable, so it’s kind of unusual for me to be getting my driver’s license so late in the game. Most of my classmates passed […]

Recent things #2

I’ve been pining over these wedge sandals from A.P.C. ever since Dead Fleurette featured their predecessors(?) on her blog last year. I usually hate wedge anything, but the sandal’s upper boasts such a simple and classic look that it makes the wedge look almost refined instead of cheap. I’ve found tons of similarly designed flat […]

Hello world I am still alive

It is summer! I am home! I am doing things that are not school! Life is good! …Work and other real-life projects have been keeping me mad busy, though. :\ I’ll be back around these parts soon, but for now, here are some snaps from my Instagram-filtered life. (Follow me for fun times!)     […]

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