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Letters from Home / 25

These two birthday letters were written per special request from Henry’s Taiwanese fanpage, which can be found here. Many thanks to the admins for the opportunity. Letters from Home: From One Huaqiao to Another Dear Henry “Yoga Mat” Lau, Call it procrastination or a quarter-life crisis in the making, but lately I’ve been rewatching a lot […]

What’s mine is yours

Before I start, I should clarify that the sole reason why I’m writing this post is to piss off the entire JYJ fandom, and that as a fervent JYJ anti, I live for nothing else apart from the sheer diabolical pleasure I get from writing articles on the internet bashing a band for which I […]


[Trigger warning: Depression.] [UPDATED 10/4/12: Before commenting or sharing, please read the note at the bottom of this post.]

I was, I AM, I will be

So this whole I AM documentary hullabaloo has been going on for a pretty long time now, yeah? I actually watched I AM in a theater (yes, one with seats and a big screen and everything!) about a month and a half ago when I was in Taiwan, and completely by accident — I was out […]

His name is Minho

There’s something about finals-induced panic that makes one regress into the deepest, darkest corners of the heart, pulling out all the old vices in an attempt to hang onto anything that might resemble the image of past unadulterated happiness. In other news: It’s been a while, Choi Minho. How you doin’? (And don’t worry — […]