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You are not alone, you are not alone

There’s this feeling that no matter how hard you work, you can always be better, and as long as you can be better, you’re not good enough. You’re a slacker, you’re stupid, and MIT keeps an overflowing warehouse of proof in the second basement of building 36. There’s stress and there’s shame and there’s insecurity. […]


It’s been about a month since I’ve moved back to school, and this is the only thing that has made it up on my walls. I’ve never really understood the appeal of covering the walls of one’s dorm room with 4×6 prints of pictures that more or less revolve around the common, ambiguous theme of […]


[Trigger warning: Depression.] [UPDATED 10/4/12: Before commenting or sharing, please read the note at the bottom of this post.]

Home at last

Taiwan in five days. The Year From Hell is finally over, and even though it’s been three days since I’ve gotten back home, my brain is still going at a million miles per hour and I still periodically catch myself thinking that there’s one more thing I forgot to do on my To-Do List. I […]

Keep breathing

I haven’t been very active around these parts, have I? I’ve noticed that the consistency of my blog-posting directly correlates with the amount of time I spend at school and not at home. It’s not to say that I’m busy to the point where I’m only getting three hours of sleep per night and am […]