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Different strokes

I don’t think I’m in love with tattoos enough to get one of my own anytime soon, but if I were, I would want to get one done by Joey Pang. Based in Hong Kong, Joey’s mastery of translating traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy styles into permanent body art has earned her international acclaim, […]

Henry Lau, the Chopin Boy

This blog probably doesn’t need any more Henry posts for the next decade and a half, but here’s one more just in case. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but is this cover super reflective of Henry and Seohyun’s personalities or what? You’ve got Henry sliding all over his violin and cranking out high […]

城市,家園 / City, My Home

I haven’t written a real post in forever (and probably won’t be able to until this semester is over, sob), but I just wanted to pop in and post this essay I wrote for a writing contest sponsored by the Chinese department at Wellesley. The topic was “What characterizes the personality of a city?” Even […]

Hundreds of stories

There’s this line in Hamlet where Hamlet advises one of the players on how to act properly, cautioning him of the gravitas of theatre upon its audience. Hamlet describes theatre as a mirror in which the audience is able to see its own vices and virtues; a mirror that reflects “the very age and body of […]

Gangnam Style, Racism, and the Evolving Asian Stereotype

A piece I wrote for Wellesley’s Asian/Asian-American interest magazine, Generasians. This was written a few months ago (back when writing long essays about the socio-cultural effects of “Gangnam Style” was still in vogue), but the fall ’12 issue was just released today and I didn’t want to put this up until the print edition was out. […]