Recent muzak #3

I’ve done exactly one of these music posts every summer for the past three years, which is sad because I usually only wind up writing these whenever I find myself too out of touch with K-pop to write anything intelligent, but am still hanging onto things just enough to keep up with the major releases and reblog silly gifsets of Kris kissing people.

I’m working five days a week now and my job has turned my brain into the consistency of mashed potato, and potatoes are notoriously shitty writers….so for the benefit of everyone involved, this list is going to be just that — a list. v_v



Playlist here.

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  • Jasmin

    Get lucky is such a good summer song!
    And wow 5 days a week is intense.What kind of summer job do you have?

    • isn’t it? it’s funny because all i listened to this past winter was zedd’s “spectrum,” and now “get lucky” is my token summer ’13 jam. my electronica-head brother is so proud.

      i work at a credit reporting company.