This is the first of many SHINee comeback posts

Sometimes I ask myself why I still haven’t gotten over my SHINee phase after almost three long years of diehard fangirling. But then performances like this happen and I say to myself, “Why, what a silly question.”

I’ve resisted putting “Keeping Love Again” on my iPod only because it makes it that much more special whenever they perform it live. “1000 Years” was phenom. Minho, there’s hope for you after all :3

D-5 until comeback!

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  • lae

    gorgeous performance (love 1000年) – kind of makes me feel bad for not really paying attention to SHINee’s Japanese activities, though the period of re-releasing their Korean songs really put me off.

    They are such great performers…please let SM tap into some of that potential with the upcoming comeback or that’s another blow to my fangirl heart that’s already shrivelled with what DBSK has been putting out ; A ;

  • WorthInClay

    sigh… it’s so refreshing… to see SHINee doing something different and they can.

    It’s the first time I hear of Keeping Love again, and I really like that they just sing and doing it together