DBSK on MuBank, 10/5/12: “I Don’t Know” + “Catch Me”

I’m really ashamed to even admit that I find any of this impressive….but isn’t that the tragedy about DBSK? I mean, they’re probably going to get really awful material all the way until they retire, but they’re going to do a kickass job of performing that material no matter how awful it is, so you can never hate it outright. Like, how do I hate this? I just can’t hate this — not when Yunho’s pulling off crazy riffs in one breath, or when Changmin’s hitting high Es in his chest voice. These guys are master performers, no doubt. No one else could make choreography that awful look that…acceptable.

[Guys! Guys! Imagine what would happen if DBSK actually got….A GOOD SONG! *faints*]

The things I do for these guys, seriously.

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