SHINee on U&I

If there’s one thing I’ve realized from this perf of “Sherlock”: Performances without fan chants >>>>>> performances with fan chants. Live performances is probably the number one thing I appreciate most about K-pop, but it sucks that the fourth wall is practically nonexistent. I was actually a little bit stunned watching this performance of “Sherlock” and realizing how much more complete SHINee’s performance was without the regimented chanting from the audience. I mean, I don’t hate fan chants; I like the concept of the fans having their own “part” to “sing” in each song, thus giving them a chance to “perform” alongside their idol group of choice. But after watching this, I can’t help but think that a live K-pop performance fulfills its highest potential when that fourth wall is fully intact. In comparison, a fanchant-riddled performance seems somewhat…damaged.

….Buuuuuut that’s just me.

Also this. It’s been a while since SHINee’s performed any of these oldies live, and it’s interesting to see a grown-up SHINee perform the songs of their youth(?!). Because yes, even though Taemin is still barely a legal adult, there’s something about this set of performances that portrayed SHINee in a strikingly adultlike manner. Granted, SHINee’s had a sense of on-stage maturity beyond their years since day one, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them as adults until this performance. Of course, a big part of it probably has to do with the fact that they sounded really good (their perf of RDD in 2012 was worlds better than their perf of RDD in 2009), but who woulda guessed that SHINee could pull off “Replay” four years after their debut? I mean, five men approaching their mid-twenties, dancing and singing about noonas and puppy love and looking like full-grown adults while doing it? How does that even work?

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  • lae

    I know what you mean about their more ‘adult’ stage presence. Maybe it’s just that they’ve mastered the art of dancing with more controlled and subtle movements, but with the same amount of power they had previously. I felt like their dancing was more fluid too – and more effortless/natural. Like they’re just moving with the music and letting their bodies flow; less precise, but less robotic and more confident movements borne from experience and age.

    Goodness, it’s been 3 years since Ring Ding Dong when I first discovered them @___@ Where has time gone?