Recent things #1

What’s in my bag: keys, Bible, card holder, wallet, phone in phone pouch, iPod, pen case, gigantic headphones, pouch with lip balm, bobby pins, etc.

Lipstick from Etude House in Mission Red. Shopping at Etude House while in Taiwan turned me from a skeptic into a believer, even if the mere action of stepping into the physical store nearly gave me a seizure from all the pink. I’ve used Etude House’s facewash products before, but avoided their makeup line because their products looked cheap, like little girls’ toys. But lo and behold, this is probably one of my favorite lipsticks ever.

Same goes for this doodad. I’m a huge eyeliner junkie (helps hide the fact that I have one double eyelid and one monolid, which looks just as awkward as it sounds) and have tried almost every eyeliner known to man since I started wearing it in high school. I’ve settled into the liquid eyeliner camp, and used MAC’s liquid eyeliner pretty religiously until I found this thing, which is pretty much amazing. It’s waterproof and doesn’t smudge at all, which has always been a huge problem for me (because I blink really hard or something? I don’t know). It does feel a little plasticky after drying which might be a turnoff for some people, but coming from years of looking like a panda after a full’s day of wearing makeup, this is practically miracle serum to me. I bought three more of these to stock up for the next year. Best part: it only costs around $9USD for 5mL, as opposed to MAC’s 2.5mL liquid liner which will set you back almost $20USD a piece.

Another great thing about Etude House: free samples. Dear god, the free samples. This is one piece amongst a bajillion others that I got for free after spending only $20USD on, like, eyeliner and face masks. And where’s SHINee with that stupid song of theirs?

Went to a stationary store the morning before I left Taiwan. Big mistake. So much impulse shopping. Sigh. But I’m so itching for the school year to start up just so I can use this thing!

The super cute inside.

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