Home at last

Taiwan in five days.

The Year From Hell is finally over, and even though it’s been three days since I’ve gotten back home, my brain is still going at a million miles per hour and I still periodically catch myself thinking that there’s one more thing I forgot to do on my To-Do List. I still haven’t fully caught up on sleep yet.

Don’t have much lined up for this summer — a college student’s worst nightmare, obviously, but like most other nightmarish things that have happened in the past year, I’m at peace with it. If anything, these past few months have made me realize that I really do need the three-month long break — because I’m exhausted, yes, but also because throughout the course of this year I’ve had a bajillion things that I’ve wanted to do but lacked the time to do them, so as a result I have a huge stockpile of Things That Make Patricia Happy stuffed away in the back of my brain. But now that I have Spare Time (an idea I’m still trying to get used to), I’m going to pursue these things, dadgummit, and I’m going to pursue them well.

So hopefully you’ll be seeing me around these parts a lot more this summer and hopefully I’ll be able to show off the fruits of my Spare Time. And I’ll still keep up with all my K-pop nonsense, of course. After all, how else do y’all think I get any traffic around here? ;)

In the meanwhile, you can keep up with me via social media….which I update far more often because despite my busyness, I am still a lazy bum at heart. :P

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