Tick T(a)ck

U-Kiss – “Tick Tack”:

U-Kiss has done a really good job of catching me off guard with their last three releases, but that’s probably because I’m not exactly used to U-Kiss making good music. Both “0330” and “Neverland” were really great, and “Tick Tack” is an incredibly strong song to kick off their Japanese debut. There have been more than a few changes at NH Media in the past year, and while the change in U-Kiss’ member line up is arguably the most dramatic of the lot, I don’t think it was the most effective change.

The thing about U-Kiss that continues to baffle me is the contradiction between the quality of their music and the talent level of the members. I was chatting with Amy just yesterday, and she brought up a really good point about U-Kiss and the fact that they have an overwhelming amount of useless members. Granted, the elimination of Xander and Kibum and the addition of Hoon and AJ earlier this year helped to alleviate some of the talent deadweight factor within the group. But as far as I’m concerned, Hoon is an inferior clone of Soohyun, and AJ is just there to balance out Eli’s stupid. Point is, the lack of talent in U-Kiss is kind of overwhelming, so it kind of screws with your head when you hear how good their (newer) music actually is.

For all his doucheyness, Ryan Jhun’s a really great producer and his extensive work with U-Kiss has been nothing short of impressive. More importantly, he seems to do a really great job in the studio because the only reason why U-Kiss doesn’t sound nearly as crappy on the studio recording as they do when they’re performing live depends entirely on the expertise of the producer. In that regard, I’m still completely baffled as to how a nearly-talentless group can sound so great in the studio, but I suppose that that’s really nothing to complain about.

The one pitfall is the fact that nearly nobody takes U-Kiss seriously because they’re infamous for being a group devoid of talent. As per normal human logic, talentless singers aren’t supposed to produce good music. But with the creative staff behind their back, it seems that U-Kiss has become the exception to the rule. U-Kiss is the only group currently under NH Media, and it makes sense that NH Media is pouring all of their resources into supporting U-Kiss. And their efforts certainly haven’t been in vain — U-Kiss has released arguably some of the best music and music videos in K-pop this year — but it doesn’t change the fact that the U-Kiss members themselves just aren’t that talented, and it doesn’t change the fact that audiences will have a hard time taking U-Kiss seriously solely based on those merits.

In addition, Soohyun needs, needs, NEEDS to go on Immortal Song. Is that show still running?

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  • i like what you say here. a LOT. i think they kind of screwed with the promotion periods? neverland came around the time of kara (or was it wonder girls?) and theres a lot more korean kamilias (or wonderfuls?) to vote for their group(s) than u-kiss. 
    i guess kinda like the reverse of dgna who are ridiculously talented but their korean videos just… uh… lameimmortal song 2 is out, but, ridiculously, someone like taemin is on the show. come one, even onew deserves to be on it instead.