Giveaway #1: The Redemption Edition

Sooooooo guys…how y’all been?

It’s been a while since I last posted, hasn’t it? These past four(!!!!) months have been pretty busy and rough in terms of school and…school, so I haven’t been around these parts as often. But I’m finally back…in time for the end of year Gayo festivities, no less. Party time, y’all.

So in an attempt to buy back your love, I’m giving away my stuff. Apparently this is what all the cool bloggers do. I offer you:


1. One copy of DBSK’s T (2008) album, Japanese edition, CD only version. It’s unwrapped, but it’s in brand-new condition. It’s an extra copy that’s been sitting on my shelf for the past two years.



2. One copy of An-An Magazine, No. 1765. DBSK on the cover, also includes spreads of SHINee, 2PM, BEAST, MBLAQ, ZE:A, and there’s a whole bunch of Jang Geun-suk pictures in there as well. I got this in Taiwan over the summer.

To enter, leave a comment below with your name, the item you’re interested in (CD or magazine) and something you want to see on the site. The giveaway will end at midnight (EST) on Friday, December 23rd, and two winners will be picked at random. I will ship anywhere.

I clearly have a lot of catch-up blogging to do, so here are a few things that will be coming up in the next few weeks:

  • SHINee “The First” album review
  • Skip Beat episode recaps
  • Answers to Formspring questions that have been sitting in my inbox for months
  • Gayo Daejun reviews
  • End of year wrap-up post
  • Amongst other fun things!

Additionally, should there be a period when I have not posted for a while and you fear that I might have vanished from this earth, have no fear: I’m constantly on Tumblr (for lazy blogging) and Twitter (for lazier blogging).

(And yes, I know the comment section currently looks like crap; will fix soon!)



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  • The An-An Magazine, ahhhh ! I would like to see a post on your top 10 K-Pop songs of 2011 and why they are your favorites.

  • Name: Sandy
    I’m interested in DBSK’s T album. I have been a huge fan of DBSK, but sadly I do not own any DBSK album. They don’t sell it here.

    I want to see some information about dramas, and not only just MVs.

  • suan-lee

    I’m very interested in TVXQ’s album (:
    I’d like to see more posts on kpop stars (of course hehehhe)
    but to be specific.. more girl groups? maybe even out the number of posts between boy groups and girl groups..

    oh and how about your favorite video every day or every week? (of kpop stars or something)

    • my tumblr:

  • Hey I’m interested in the One copy of DBSK’s T (2008) album! I’ve been a huge DBSK fan, but unfortunately never got to buy any albums D; !!

    Hmm, I’m a big fan of art, so maybe more fanart from other people that caught your eye and maybe even art by you? :D Hmm and also maybe vlogs by you :3 ? That’d definitely give us a chance to know you more, and we get to hear your voice behind the text XD

  • wandering_alice

    Highly interested in TVXQ’s T album :D

    I’d love to see spotlights on individual idols and maybe even reviews/spotlights on less popular KPop artists that you find interesting.

  • Anapaula

    Hi i would love to win the TVXQ’s cd since in the country i live nobody sells kpop merchandise :( it would be cool to see your opinions or recomendations about dramas or movies. Also a good idea would having like an “Idol of the week” where you focus on them and give random facts and funny videos.

  • lara

    Hey. Im interested in DBSK CD.
    Id really like to see your favorite mv scenes. Not mvs but the small wierd things that you noticed and cant unsee them ^^ I always find something like that XD

  • linhee

    CD :D It’s like the onle thing I can see keke
    I’ll always be interested in reading your opinion on well, just about anything relating to K-pop & K-dramas. I think you were one of the bloggers who used to do a ‘song of the day’ sort of thing so it’ll be nice to see it come back. But maybe also posts about things you’ve learnt/past experiences as a result of being apart of the K-pop fandom? Like learning Korean, fansubbing, what it’s like to be in a fangroups, mishaps with other fans, frustrations, comparisons of the new and old ‘era’ of k-pop…or maybe introduce some old k-pop/underground/ballad artists that you like?

  • I’m interested in the CD :)

    I defeinitely would like to see more of your music reviews. I know that you review already ,but I’m always interested in others musical opinions.

  • tenten

    hy interested in the album cuz i don’t own any kpop albumss n it would be freakin awesome if i won it + its DBSK!!! thankkssss :))

  • Alixana

    I don’t want any of the items, I just want you to post more often. I enjoy Ree’s and Amy’s articles on seoulbeats, but I still like you the best.

    • Patricia

      I took a break from Seoulbeats for about a month due to personal reasons, but I’m finally back and will be posting regularly. Thanks for the kind words :)

  • Asma Hamid

    I’m interested in the album. (Just started getting into TVXQ, you see) :D

    I would love to see more KDramas reviews and also album reviews. Those would be cool. :D

  • interested in the album, bb.

    hihi, i love your posts. esp your music reviews. it also doesn’t hurt that i’m a patricia too. hence the extra love i have for this site.

  • I’m interested in the magazine. I have a lot of Japanese magazine, but none with K-idol. :D And I just love every kpop group in this magazine… I’d like to have it!

    And I think more k-drama review would be cool. :D

  • I’m interested in the CD …. I’ve never gotten a DBSK CD before, I only have Big Bang … Er… My name is Jodi W. aka
    And I guess a Korean Drama review ^_^

  • elaeye

    Extremely interested in the T album as I’ve just recently begun listening to DBSK ^__^ <3
    I've combed through your blog since discovering it awhile ago and I love reading it. It's a lot of work, but I'd be interested to see more detailed thoughts about idol groups that you enjoy – like thoughts about individual members, group/member dynamics, the images they market etc. etc. Like a rec post without the music/videos/picspams (though those are welcome as well!)

    Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  • Rebecca

    I’m really interested in DBSK’s T album. I am quite new in this kpop world, almost an year and a half, but I really like DBSK (as DB5K, HoMin and JYJ). I am obsessed with Darkness Eyes and Purple Line, these two songs are absolutely amazing… 
    I’ve read your articles here and I’ve seen that you put a lot of effort in doing them and I like them. You express your thoughts and feelings about what the topic and it’s really nice.
    Post whatever you feel good about and I can’t wait for SHINee’s “The first” review ^^ 

  • KharismaFbs

    I really want the TVXQ album^^ I will give that to my lovely bestfriend~ She had a birthday and I didn’t have any gift to her~ So, If I win, I will give the CD to my friend^^ She really love Changmin^^ Thank you^^

    Can you post Skip Beat/WGM TeukSora with english sub?^^ thank you~

  • A giveaway for the seasons! Your blog looks really interesting dear, and I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t here for the give away. But i’ll definitely keep an eye on your blog, it looks amazing with wonderful reviews on certain things :)! That TVXQ album marks the beginning of my TVXQ days, well almost (not including FITB concert…) but it’d be awesome to finally get myself a copy!

  • I have that magazine so I rlly want the ALBUM T *_____________*

  • Julie Huynh

    I think it’s really cool you write about Kpop and the large genre and variety that you do is great. Many different fandoms (from when they first debuted to present) and different labels too. It’s also really cool that your blog has other stuff like different designers or pretty photographs.

    DBSK’s T (2008) album, Japanese edition is such a rare thing to see anymore especially one in that great condition is what I’d really want for Christmas.

  • Ria

    Yey! I want the Toho CD :D I love the music reviews you have in your blog! Keep them coming! :D

    Ria :)

  • Hello! I am interested in the Tohoshinki CD! Fave group with awesome songs, I’m all smiles. =) I’m gonna be honest and say I happened to stumble onto your blog via tumblr and am here mainly for the giveaway, BUT I saw you covered quite a wide variety of kpop-related stuff. What I read (and enjoyed) more were those that leave you something to ponder upon (like the “Are Kpop idols stupid?” article). So good job and have a Merry Christmas! =P

  • Hi
    Omo a giveaway on this season ^^
    I´m interested in the THSK CD (well also the magazine but more the CD)
    It´s nice that you have a blog, i really suck in expressing my ideas,i´m the talk type.
    Thank you~~

  • I really want anan magazine. I’m obsessed with DBSK, but I love Geun Suk too. I have a lot of DBSK albums, so i choose something where is also Jang Geun Suk. I just found out your tumblr and it looks great, but i still didn’t have time to look up your blog. I’m sure I’ll do it.

    Merry Christmas~!

  • Cynthia G. Gracia

    Hi my name is cynthia :)Im interested in the CD!!! Waht i would love to see on your site is waaaaaayyyy more Kyuhyun please