Here’s some Kyuhyun; it’s good for you

Kyuhyun (feat. TRAX’s Jungmo) – “Pretend Party”:

I think my love for Kyuhyun has finally surpassed the threshold of healthy human behavior…but life’s too short for regrets, especially when you’re talking about a human being that is as perfect as this man. So more Cho Kyuhyun for me, please and thank you.

Kyuhyun aside for a moment, though – Immortal Song is a really great show, and before you say anything…I’m actually not all that peeved about its high participant drop-out rate. If anything, it puts the cast on a rotational-esque system….which means a chance to see more voices do more spectacular work, which means Patricia is happy.

The whole premise of this show is to give idol stars a chance to show off their vocal talents to the best of their ability – a chance that’s long overdue, because to be honest, there’s a certain injustice being done when incredibly talented singers are best known for songs like “Push Push” and “Sorry Sorry.” I also like the emphasis placed on remaking the songs of past ‘legends’ – for one, it gives the show (and, in a way, the idols) an increased sense of validity.

In my opinion, a respected show like “Immortal Song”  is desperately needed when you look at the current K-pop idol system. Currently, the only way for talented singers to enjoy widespread popularity is if they’re pent up in a group with five or six other questionably talented people and forced to sing crappy music until their throats bleed…and even then, they still probably won’t get the respect that their talent deserves. The K-pop idol system just sucks like that, and it’s a system that has thus far been resistant to change – but a program like “Immortal Song” is like an escape path. It’s a narrow path, but it exists and it’s serving its purpose well, and we can’t ask for much more than that.

So in conclusion: here’s hoping that “Immortal Song” doesn’t get canceled in the next three months, like every other variety show that’s aired in the past year.

Back to Kyuhyun. I think my feelings about his voice have been made clear enough already (it’s perfect, it’s beautiful, the Korean government should declare it a national treasure, et cetera), and I also think that there is probably not a single person on earth that will say that this boy can’t sing. But although Kyuhyun’s voice has been great from the beginning, it wasn’t until recently that he’s begun transforming into a singer.

Let’s face it: up until the past year or so, Kyuhyun’s stage presence has oftentimes been rather dry and unenergetic. A lot of it probably just has to do with his personality and the way he naturally carries himself, but the fact that he can nonetheless move audiences with his voice alone is surely something to be commended. However, it greatly limits his versatility as a singer. He could’ve done just fine had he stayed in his shell and entertained audiences from the ballad box – which is what he’s done since debut – but he’s Cho Kyuhyun. He’s too good for that.

In the past year or so, Kyuhyun’s gotten a huge boost in confidence while on stage and it’s working wonders for him. Not only has it allowed his dancing to improve to the point where he can be featured in a dance break, but it’s really influenced his singing and his willingness to step outside of his comfort zone. His performance on last week’s “Immortal Song” with Kim Min-jong took me by surprise, because it was so up-tempo, so energetic, so not-Kyuhyun…but the important part is that he was able to pull it off and look completely comfortable and natural while doing it. That’s not something that can be rehearsed. That’s something that comes from the heart.

So to see Kyuhyun leaping around stage wearing eyeliner and a thousand rings while singing his heart out…it was touching, in a way. Well, it was also incredibly sexy, but it made me smile to see him finally crawl all the way out of his shell and perform with a free spirit. You can still feel his earnestness when he talks about his reservations about performing a rock piece, but he delivers in the end. Deep down you know he’s still a humble kid who’s just beginning to find himself, but is doing so with gusto. It’s kinda inspiring, y’know?

Also, this marks Kyuhyun’s second win in a row on “Immortal Song.” If you’d give me a moment, I need to cry me some mothereffin’ proud tears, ‘kay?

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