Inkigayo: August 21st, 2011: Super Junior & f(x) dance stage

Dudes, how great was this? This aired last Sunday, and even though my lazy bum didn’t get around to writing about it until now, it’s still a killer performance and blew all the other dance stages out of the water.


I’m especially impressed because this performance was essentially half of what it was supposed to be – Luna got hurt right before the show and couldn’t perform, so they had to change the choreography an hour before filming. On top of that, apparently Eunhyuk and Donghae broke themselves on Dream Team the day before (arms, legs, severe bleeding, perhaps a lost nut or two…that show is so entertaining, but so hazardous), so they weren’t at their best, either. But the fact that they were nonetheless able to pull this off really speaks to the level of discipline and professionalism exhibited by SM artists. I bag on SM a lot for their artistic foibles, but (and call me a sadist if you will) I respect how SM pushes their artists to always achieve a perfect result. Tiger mothering, if you will. I dig that.

And I find it hilarious how Victoria’s more than half a decade older than her f(x) bandmates, so management is bending over backwards to let the poor girl hang out with other stars that are around the same age as her. So far, they’ve done a good job juggling Vic’s role as f(x)’s “mother” with her need to interact with her same-aged peers, and her personality adapts to both roles well. And plus – it tickles me to see Victoria being all good-natured and cute with f(x) one minute, and then slinking all over the stage and dancing up against all the guys in that oh-so-classy Vic Song way the next.

She’s just great and I love her to pieces ;_;

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  • alice

    I guess I will forever be the only one Kyuhyun stan who thinks Kyubb was blatantly a weak link in this dance. *sigh* I don’t know, to me Super Junior’s dance line seems to be deteriorating. This wasn’t nearly as good as some of the stuff they used to be able to do several years ago. It makes me sad because I always thought despite their weak vocals, they were a relatively strong dance group. >.o But it’s like, Shindong dances so clumsily these days, Kyuhyun has improved by miles but he still lacks so much conviction and looks awkward sometimes, I think Leeteuks getting old or something because he’s just been idk. Eunhyuk/Donghae/Sungmin pretty much remaining stagnant in their dancing, but at least they’re the only ones who flow nowadays.

    I mean, honestly, I wish I saw Eunhyuk and Donghae put out a little more technique than just fawning over Vic. I WISH SM WOULD LET VIC PROPERLY DANCE D: So tired of seeing people doubt her skills.

    Urghle, I think your cynicism is rubbing off on me D: Or maybe because I dance myself, so I was expecting something more badass. Either way, they did blow everyone else out of the water, like did T-ara just rehash their Roly Poly dance or something because idek…

    • Patricia

      Haha, your judgment is probably better than mine since my dancing ability is comparable to that of Yesung’s, as well as the fact that Kyuhyun could be doing the ‘three little bears’ dance and I would find it charming. Oh wait, he’s already done that, hasn’t he? Haha, but to be honest I just really like to see performers doing things out of their own element, so Eunhyuk’s singing and Kyuhyun’s dancing can do no wrong in my eyes. Hey, everyone’s gotta have a lapse in good judgment for the sake of fangirliness sometimes, right?

      But totally agree with you about the rest of Suju and about Vic. f(x)’s choreo started out pretty good, but it completely failed to impress during their last two releases and Queen Vic just doesn’t deserve that. And I liked the Mr. Simple choreo, but you’re right – it doesn’t show off anyone’s dance ability at all, except Eunhyuk doing a handstand…and we’re supposed to find that impressive? Come on.

      • alice

        Yesungs got some moves y’know- don’t doubt that boy xP
        Of course, honestly I have nothing against Kyuhyun taking the lead in dancing- I find it absolutely adorable. It’s more the politics behind it, and the fact he gets prioritized over the better dancers sometimes that makes me :/. Nonetheless, it is fun to see. .< Mr. Simple's dance during the verses was well executed, but the dance break- what was that?

        idk, maybe I'm being too picky. But SuJu and f(x) became my 2nd and 3rd favourite SM groups because of their strong dances, I just feel betrayed sort of. But you're right, I should overlook that for the sake of fangirlness.

        How gorgeous is everything about Victoria? Her hair, her face, her smile, her legs (HER LEGS). just, gah ;_;

        • alice

          Half my comments gone, blargh.

          It’s nice too see Eunhyuk and Kyu explore outside of their comfort zones, of course. It’d be worse if they were boxed into dancing and singing exclusively (though Eunhyuk in a musical… really?)

          f(x)’s choreo for LaChaTa, Chu and Nu Abo were all really fun to watch. But after Pinnochio it became so D grade, and Hot Summer was a dance more catered to SNSD or something D:

          As for SJ, I know the world hates these songs, but TWINS and Don’t Don had such hardcore choreo! It’s what got me into Super Junior. After Sorry Sorry they seemed more concerned with making easy dance moves that seemed to try harder to leave an impression rather than impress.

  • sunny

    Victoria is gorgeous~ I feel sorry for her sometimes because she’s stuck in a band with little kids. But then again, I’m almost her age and I wouldn’t really mind being stuck in a band with Amber all that much…

    This performance is just Song Qian ft her bitches. Just saying.

    Were Eunhyuk/Donghae injured during this? I don’t think so, they filmed Dream Team the day after this performance I believe. I mean, Donghae can’t even do the Sorry Sorry choreography at the moment so, yeah.

    • Patricia

      Oops, you’re right. The Dream Team recording was the day after. My bad!

  • jaz

    Vic’s a great dancer, but I wished she would overcome her shyness at dancing with boys to really maximize the performance and connect with her partners.

    Like BoA with Daichi Muira, dancing with someone without acknowledging their existence can be done, but I think it just weakens the impact of the dance.

    And I had a different take on the boys’ injuries and performing while injured. I look on it as not so much professional, but as stupid. Why risk further injury to yourself and possibly others by doing that? What they’re doing is not brain surgery, it’s entertainment. To me, this is just one more example of SM’s huge problem of slave labor.