Music Bank: June 24th, 2011

You’d think that I’d be following music shows more closely now that I’m on the proper side of the globe to do so…but instead, my naps are conveniently timed so that I sleep through it every week. (The reasoning behind the naps is the same as the reasoning behind my lazy blogging as of late. School is exhausting, yo.)

So thank goodness for Youtube, I guess.

2PM: “영화처럼” & “HANDS UP”

JYPE doing what they do best: promoting the worst track on an otherwise stellar album. I’m seriously impressed with 2PM’s second album; this group is improving with every new release….although granted, the mess that was 1:59 PM probably left them nowhere to go but up.

“영화처럼” (“Like A Movie”) is probably one of their best songs yet, and this can be attributed both to the composer and to the members themselves. In regards to the former…can someone PLEASE point me to more stuff composed by One Way’s Chance? The man is like an R&B magician, and completely won my heart after I heard the sweetamazingbaby that was Donghae and Eunhyuk’s duet song at Super Show 3.

The latter is proven by the live performance. Firstly, words can’t explain how relieved I am that 2PM chose this song to open their first week performances rather than some obnoxious, dumpy dance track, as is typical with most first-week promotions. Secondly, JYP knows exactly what kind of ballads work for 2PM, and “영화처럼” is a prime example of one. The melody is easily singable, with room for Junsu and Junho to really shine at the appropriate places. The choreography was beautiful (although it did look a little like Junsu And The Junsuettes at some parts).

Taec’s rap eats my ears, but that’s to be expected by now. Sorry bud.

“Hands Up” review and performances by B1A4 and f(x) after the cut.

The way I see it, “영화처럼” is a preemptive apology for the mess that is “Hands Up.” In terms of performance, this song is too repetitive and shapeless even for a group like 2PM to rock it for 3.5 minutes straight. The choreography is messy, like really messy, which is weird because this is 2PM we’re talking about. The song itself has no structure and it doesn’t go anywhere, and I don’t know why JYP’s on this kick where he’s telling everyone how hard he worked producing this song because, erm, the production was nothing special.

On top of that, the backup dancers were awful, half the group has awful hair, and Chansung’s jacket belongs on a Gag Concert trot special. But at least they’re not wearing eyeshadow or dancing like zombies or anything.

B1A4: “못된 것만 배워서”

Wow, worst timing ever for a debut or what? There’s a bunch of people criticizing the criticizers of the recent influx of rookie groups, citing that there’s only “more to choose from” now. But you can’t deny that most of these newly debuted groups reek of mediocrity, and the real damage is done when a group as legit as B1A4 becomes so underrated for that reason. Heck, even I didn’t spare a wink of attention at them until now.

The song is good to begin with (I chuckled a little when I heard Wheesung wrote it; it’s so obviously Wheesung’s style that it pains me), but more importantly, this is the first group I’ve seen in a while with live vocals as spot-on as theirs. There was not a single stray note. Not one. That never happens in K-pop. Ever.

The downside is that their dancing probably could not be any stiffer, but that’s something that hasn’t changed since “OK” so it’s no surprise. To be honest, though, I’d much rather take a group with stiff dancing and sturdy vocals than a group that can effectively do neither.

All in all, B1A4 had better get some killer music from here on in; there’s nothing worse than seeing good voices being caged in bad songs.


In all honesty, I am only following f(x)’s performances for their hair.

This song wasn’t even good to begin with and it baffles me why there are so many remakes of it. I’m doing a write-up on the album this weekend so I’ll discuss the song itself in more detail then, but…yeah, not digging it. It sounds lazy and 70 percent of the song isn’t even sung. Why SM thinks that it’s a good idea for f(x) to talk-rap their music is completely beyond me.

But aside from the song, I don’t have many complaints about f(x)’s live perfs, aside from the fact that today’s performance was a set design nightmare. The girls look great in the red, but could they have blended any more into the screens in the background? The MV had a similar problem with pairing a giant, hot pink tank with the members’ red outfits. Here’s hoping someone will get the hang of it eventually.

The choreography looks ridiculous, but at least it counts as actual dancing (as opposed to what they got for “Pinocchio”), and f(x) usually does ‘weird’ well. But I guarantee you that someone is going to get shin splints after doing that foot-flailing thing for two months running. Ankles just aren’t meant to bend sideways.


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