I have my moments

Half of the purpose behind this post is to prove that I’m not a complete meanie-pants towards SHINee all the time. The other half is to appreciate Korean fans for their incredible photography skills. Good amateur photos of SHINee pop up all the time, but these latest shots from their performance at the ‘Walk for the 4th Forbidden Love Festival’ today put me on a bit of a photo appreciation (and thus SHINee re-appreciation) kick.

I’m not a fan of any of their new looks (and please let us not discuss Taemin’s new nose any further; I’m already sick of hearing about it) but hey – they still photograph well.

Onew seriously has the most beautifully-shaped eyes I’ve ever seen.

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  • well you have to admit that taemin’s hair has been looking a tad bit better, possibly his second best hairstyle (first would be lucifer, third would be that hairstyle he had for the we are the future cover shinee did sometime between amigo and juliet)
    if i recall, during some interview, key mentioned something about fans getting larger and larger DLSRs = better photos