Docchira no docchira no docchira no sono kimochi?

Super Junior – “美人 (BONAMANA)”:

The timing for this release is a little odd, but I ain’t complainin’.

It’s pretty rare for me to like the Japanese version of a K-pop song more than the original, but such is the case for “Bonamana.” I’m not exactly sure why; “Bonamana” doesn’t have a J-pop sound to it at all, but one can argue just as easily that it doesn’t really have a K-pop sound to it either. Maybe it has something to do with the way the consonants fall on the heavily accented notes and the squared-off rhythm. Oh, look at me, pretending like I actually know what I’m talking about.

Contrary to popular opinion, I actually liked how the music video was executed. As a general rule, I usually hate MVs composed entirely of old concert footage. However, all of the Japanese versions of SuJu’s past lead singles were only released as bonus tracks on the Japan edition of the full album, and neither Avex nor SM has ever produced a full music video for these Japanese tracks. But seeing as SM’s really pushing the Japan debut thing for the rest of its artists, I’m not surprised that they took the two extra steps to tell Avex to put together some sort of low-budget video for SuJu’s Japanese release as well. I mean, what else are they gonna do? They can’t recreate the original Korean video, and they’re certainly not going to build a brand new video from scratch just for the Japanese version of the song. A “live version” video cobbled together from old footage from a concert (in Japan!) is probably as good as you’re gonna get.

And plus, it’s Avex, King of the J-pop Industry and Champions of Quality, and they don’t usually half-ass anything, even if it is a crappy concert footage music video. Their choice of footage was questionable in some parts and I wish that they hadn’t done so many close-ups of the members during some of the solo portions. But the cuts were sharp and dynamic and the color editing was befitting to the nature of the video…and that’s really what matters to me most when it comes to pop music videos.

Besides, this is probably what would’ve happened had SM helmed the project.

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