Why they gotta do this to me ;_;

F(x), oh f(x). I tried so, so, so hard to like you. But I just can’t – I can’t do it no mo’.

I didn’t have good vibes about “Pinocchio” since day one when the individual teaser photos came out. Things only seemed to get worse as more audio and video teasers were released, and I kept waiting to see if things would get better. But now the crux of the whole project – the music video – has finally been released, and I can’t believe that I am actually angry about this whole mess.

Firstly, the song is not good. It usually only takes me a few listens to piece together a song in its entirety, but I’ve listened to “Pinocchio” about seven times as of now and it still sounds incredibly disjointed to me. But the song structure isn’t even the biggest offender here. I wanna know who produced this song, so I know exactly where I should direct my rage. Never before have I seen SM screw with a group’s voices so badly to a point beyond possible aural recognition. All of the members of f(x) have “meatier”-sounding voices, as evidenced by each member’s solo lines, but these voices somehow disappear into Alvin-and-the-Chipmunk oblivion during the choruses. It’s happened in almost every single one of their lead singles to date, but it’s never been this bad until “Pinocchio.” Granted, one of “Pinocchio”‘s biggest faults is that it’s horribly, horribly overproduced in areas outside of the vocal track, but an annoying-sounding chorus is what’s going to be the difference between a cheese grater on the ears and a tolerable listening experience.

And then the video. Oh, for the love of all that is holy. I didn’t know what to think. Literally. Firstly, the choreography. Where was it. Just sayin’.

Secondly, the imagery of the video was just so random and seemingly esoteric and I was wracking my brains trying to figure out the meaning behind it all…until I stopped and reminded myself that this was an SM video and there was probably no hidden message to the video apart from “Please buy our records!” I often complain about how uncreative SM’s music videos are, but I never really took into account the possibility that maybe the ‘visual creativity’ thing just doesn’t come naturally to SM, which is why they’ve largely stuck to a time-tested MV formula.

The video for “Pinocchio” strongly reminds me of 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody” video (and I’m not saying this simply because everyone on the FREAKING PLANET seems to believe that any video with a plain white background and a brightly colored foreground is the same Lady Gaga knockoff) and once again, I think this is evidence that SM is trying to fight their way to the level of YG’s creative chops because, let’s face it – visual creativity is the one cog that SM lacks in its huge machine of an entertainment company. It’s pretty obvious that SM was trying to go for something “weird” and “quirky” in the “Pinocchio” video, but their effort looked pretty sophomoric and naive at best.

To put it in short, the “Pinocchio” video didn’t make sense. And a lot of people will rush to its defense saying that f(x) is just “weird” like that and it’s not supposed to make sense, but think about this: What’s the difference between a Jackson Pollock work and a canvas that’s randomly splattered with paint? In art, there’s no such thing as randomness – not as long as real creativity is at the helm of the artistic effort. When watching “Pinocchio,” all I could see was SM’s creative staff throwing paint at a canvas and hoping that it’ll turn out looking okay.

It’s good that SM’s finally addressing the fact that they’re severely lacking in the creativity department, and it’s going to take time for them to grow in this aspect. I guess I’m just kinda butthurt about the fact that f(x)’s comeback piece is more or less a ‘work in progress’ for SM’s new creativity agenda. To be honest, I first liked f(x) because I liked their ‘concept’ and image, and I stuck with them in the hopes that they’ll eventually come out with a song that’s, you know – good. But fellas – it’s been four songs and two and a half years already, and Patricia ain’t happy.

A few good things about this song, though – I love Victoria’s part in the first half of the prechorus – it’s probably my favorite part of the song, to be honest. I don’t take huge issue with how they’re styled, but I’m more curious as to what their performance outfits will be during the music shows. I want to hear the rest of the album – especially since it looks like they won’t be repeating any of their previous singles on it! Man, SM trying to be creative and a real full album – the world must be ending.

And I am seriously in love with Amber’s hair. A few months ago I actually contemplated dying my hair blonde…and I’ve also since learned that it’s not a good idea to make snap decisions about altering one’s appearance at 4 am while writing a paper, so that idea has largely been put to rest. But now I’m seriously reconsidering having it done like Amber’s. Yea or nay?

Oh, and I’ve also finally learned how to spell “Pinocchio” correctly, heh. One ‘n,’ two ‘c’s.

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  • noi

    i will really love you if you manage to review their whole album, haha. i tried to listen few tracks before run away hiding from it. xD

  • danshin_panda

    hv u heard electric shock?

    • Yes…? This post was written more than a year before “Electric Shock” was released…?