Cute! (sans the goosebumps)

I hadn’t actually heard or seen “Shy Boy” in full until today – because, as much as I love Secret, I’ve found that I’m not really into cutesy K-pop, and “Shy Boy” just reeked of cute when I first saw the concept photos for their comeback. My distaste for cutesy K-pop completely contradicts my general personal affinity for all things pink, purple, and fluffy, but I just don’t dig it in my music, regardless of which gender is presenting it. (Um, “Balloons,” anyone?)

But it seems like Secret has been the glaring exception to a lot of things I dislike about K-pop – from their hard-to-take-seriously “Mazzik” to the memetastic “Madonna”…and now, the so-cute-I-could-barf “Shy Boy.”

Guys, I don’t know what it is about “Shy Boy” but I LOVE IT OMG IT MAKES MY HEART POOP BUTTERFLIES.

…Not because I really love the idea of four girls prancing around in hoop skirts and ’50’s era hair rollers, but what’s extraordinary about “Shy Boy” is that the concept design captures ‘cute’ without making it childish. The ‘cute’ theme has really become a tired concept amongst K-pop girl groups, and what’s worse is that the current trend somehow equates ‘cute’ with ‘innocent’ – which doesn’t do the term justice at all. Let’s put aside all of the complicated, superserial sociological biznatch about the prevalence of the “cute = innocent” image in K-pop. Can’t we just make “cute” fun?

I guess that’s what made me love this whole concept so much. It was justĀ fun – fun to listen to, fun to watch, fun to enjoy. And most importantly, the members could act their age whilst being cute – no more of this eyelash-fluttering, bottom-lip-jutting, aegyo dripping awkward childishness that, as a straight chick whose affinity for female singers is more based on admiration of their talent than anything else, just makes it uncomfortable for me to watch. I love the girls in SNSD to death, but it’s a little hard not to scowl a little every time I see Sunny make those sickeningly cute faces of hers. (And I’m pretty sure the SNSD members feel the same way about it. Maybe it’s just a girl thing.)

Bottom line: Secret does cute, acts their age. Concept is balanced and original, world is at peace. Patricia, take notes.

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