A new fandom has appeared!

I think this is potentially more embarrassing than the previous post.

Before I was a DBSK fan, I said to myself that DBSK was too overhyped for me to be interested. But somehow I ended up stanning the group for an entire year despite their complete lack of activities.

Before I was a SHINee fan, I said to myself that SHINee was too manufactured for me to take them seriously. But somehow, SHINee is my most-played artist on my Last.fm…by quite a long shot.

New corollary: Before I was a U-Kiss fan, I said to myself that U-Kiss was too generic for me to consider them anything greater than just another mediocre K-pop boyband, too musically unoriginal for me to appreciate their songs, and too freakishly androgynous even for my own high level of androgyny tolerance. But somehow, I can now sit through this music video without blinking.

Figures that I’ll pick up on a new fandom during the week before finals. Bonus points for the fact that I really have no logical explanation as to why I’ve developed a liking for this group.

First impressions:

  • Everything is mediocre. Everything.
  • Kevin and Soohyun carry more than 75% of the vocal weight in almost all of their songs, and I’m really questioning whether or not the rest of the group can actually sing.
  • Their music producers suck.
  • I don’t like Kiseop.
  • Xander kinda grates on my nerves as well.
  • Kibum was intimidatingly feminine-looking prior to 2009, but he’s not so bad right now and has a fairly entertaining personality to boot.
  • Also, I don’t think he looks that much like Hyungjoon.
  • Soohyun is awesome.
  • Eli confuses me in more ways than I can count.
  • And despite all this, I really like them.

I really don’t understand myself sometimes.

I’ll keep this as a historical record for now, look back on it in a few months, and see if this fandom actually comes to fruition. To be honest, I’m a little bit scared.

Don’t judge me, ‘kay?

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