Guys, I think I have a problem

Omg I’m so embarrassed at myself for even posting this; for even taking the time to compile and make the video below…but I’m pretty sure I went off the deep end a long time ago. So weird fetishes like these are supposed to be normal, right? *twitch*

Cuts from “Pianist”: Minho plays the piano. Except not really.

Yeah, okay, I know he’s faking it, but at least he’s doing a good job…and looking mighty fine while doing it.

The rest of the drama was not particularly notable. Minho’s acting isn’t horrible for the idol rookie that he is – although it appears that his definition of “dramatic acting” consists of inserting awkward pauses between phrases. Though I wouldn’t doubt that he worked his butt off to do well in his drama debut, seeing that he’s a film major and all and this is probably the field in which he hopes to work after his idol career fizzles out. The script is unoriginal, the lighting setups were tacky, and Han Ji-hye’s done better work.

But back to the pressing matter at hand: Mmf, Chopin. Fake Chopin…but hot guy. Hot guy trumps all.

I am completely hopeless.

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  • max

    twitching generally means there is a problem

    • Patricia

      dun judge me k