It’s December…!

I don’t understand. How is it possible that it is snowing in Kentucky and yet, Massachusetts has not seen one ounce of snowfall? All it’s been here is cold and grey and rainy, with half a chance of a monsoon from Georgia. Not cool.

So I can’t really decide if these holiday photos from JYP Nation(?!) are making me cheery or miserable, considering that winter break is exactly two weeks away, and that those two weeks will be filled with plenty of paper-writing, textbook-poring, and head-bashing into walls. And the rain isn’t really helping, either. ;_;

Oh well. Here’s some holiday cheer, courtesy of the folks at JYP.

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  • It has not snowed here either :( My room are very beautiful with holiday cheer though!

  • Haha love how you’re still obsessing over that fact (youre welcome~ love, the Kentuckian) XD You still have hw over the break? O_________O And since when was there word about a monsoon? o0 *gape*
    Park Jin-young is freakin tall :O never really noticed that….

    • Patricia

      Haha no, but finals are right before break and, as per Wellesley tradition, students are starting to freak out about them already. Yours truly is no exception.

      And indeed…or maybe Fei and Min are just really short :P