2NE1: “It Hurts”:

For some reason the audio sync is like .0001 seconds off, which would typically bother me to no end, but I’m more than willing to overlook it this time.

This is just so beautiful it hurts. The song is great to begin with (well, compared with the rest of their repertoire), and it’s obvious that YG has really stepped it up in the videography department. For all the issues I have with its content and storyline, I must admit that the MV for “Go Away” was beautifully shot. The MV for “It Hurts” is twenty levels above that.

And the visuals and the costuming and the props and the makeup and the hair and omg I could gush forever. I feel like this is something to which I can say, “Only 2NE1 can pull off something like this” and not raise an eyebrow while saying it.

I’m gonna shut up now. The vid speaks well enough for itself to not need my incoherent 1AM-inspired blabbing… Enjoy.

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