Super Junior, Super Show 2 Premium Live in Japan: “이별… 넌 쉽니(Heartquake)”:

Man, I always discover good stuff months after it’s released…

This song was awesome to begin with, and I’ve always wondered if they had performed it live (uh yeah they performed it live super show two duhhhh) and it was more amazing than I’d expected.

Not gonna lie, I’m not really missing Yunho and Yoochun’s presence in this performance :P

I was just browsing through some DVD cuts from SS2 earlier this evening, and I…was very pleasantly surprised. For all the flack they get, Super Junior performs well when they have the whole stage to themselves and aren’t subject to the campy bullcrap they promote week after week… Because, during their concerts, they do remakes of the campy promotional bullcrap and it is awesome. Although I’m pretty sure that SS3 was not as awesome SS2 and that makes me very disappoint.

Oh well. It’s to be expected. *sticks 3rd album back into CD player*

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