Please be beautiful

Because I’ve already managed to thoroughly lampoon both my Facebook and Twitter with my ridiculous Omona commentor-esque fangirling, and my blog should be no exception.

Long story short: Comeback performance October 1st. Repackage album release October 4th. Their new promo is entitled “Hello.” It’s an R&B/pop track. And the concept looks a little like this:


Okay, so I admit that it’s still a little early to be going ZOMGSPAZZ over this – it’s just one picture and the rest could be perfectly atrocious, for all we know. After all, the first thing that came to mind when I saw Key was, well, this:

But hapless androgyny and WTF-ery aside, I’m just glad that they look like actual human beings this time around. Granted, I think Jonghyun and Key (and, to some extent, Onew) would look absolutely ridiculous if they were by themselves, and each member’s outfit is so incongruous with any other member’s outfit but you put them together in one shot and it just works. I don’t understand it, but dadgummit, I like it. And I would like to have more of it.

And as for their new song… Please be good. Please. Be. Good. It’s R&B, for heaven’s sake. If SHINee screws up R&B, then my K-pop life is over.

(Um. Don’t hold me to that.)

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    You’re an Evangelion fan.
    And yes, they DO look rather like Asuka.

    Very much…
    laughably so.