The end is the end

I usually make it a point to avoid provoking people on Twitter, because  Twitter wars are stupid and should be reserved for Perez Hilton and other public figures who have a sustainable Twitter audience to entertain. Plus, if your idea of a good argument is formed around a 160 character limit, then chances are you don’t have a lot of intelligent things to say. But it became difficult to restrain myself after seeing the the violent reactions from senseless fangirls evoked by video below.

DBSK Medley – Yunho and Changmin, SMTown Live 2010 in LA:

Yep, that’s Yesung and Onew singing Jaejoong and Junsu’s adlibs at 1:26. HOW DARE THEY. MAY THEY AND THE REST OF SM BURN IN HELL FOREVER.


I am so done with K-pop fan culture. It’s a nice place to be when you start out in a fandom, when you’re at that stage where you wanna share every effing video you find of Junsu going “bambaya” or Onew imitating Jonghyun or Taecyeon taking off his clothes, and yeah, there’ll be people in every corner of the earth at their keyboards ready to spazz along with you. K-pop fandoms are a nice and happy place when the idol(s) in question are in a nice and happy place.

But bring in a single ounce of drama and all hell breaks loose.

Admittedly, I wasn’t around K-pop for long enough to know much of Cassiopeia’s reputation for being, you know, totally psycho. And, to be honest, they seemed to be kinda okay throughout the lawsuit ordeal during this past year. You know, aside from the whole, “OMG LSM/SME MUST DIE” mantra, which must’ve seemed perfectly rational to those outside of the fandom because, well, it’s kind of hard to deny the evil of a 13-year long slave contract despite the fact that SM’s not the only slave driving entertainment company around but moving on…

But for the most part, Cassiopeia maintained a unified front during the lawsuit – an impressive feat for the fanclub of a group facing impending break-up. But why? Not because Cassies were “mature.” Oh, please. It was because both Jaejoong/Yoochun/Junsu stans and Yunho/Changmin stans had one common enemy: SM Entertainment. Never mind the fact that it was Jaechunsu’s own prerogative to take legal action against their own company, thus putting DBSK’s mere existence in jeopardy. Never mind the fact that Yunho and Changmin themselves took a direct stand along with SM and publicly condemned Jaechunsu’s actions. Never mind all that. Why acknowledge a situation’s complexity when you can ignore the facts and just pin the blame on a major corporation?

During times of crisis, fans are generally good at two things: scapegoating and not thinking.

So what if Yesung and Onew took over the Mirotic adlibs? Were you expecting Yunho and Changmin to do them? Or were you expecting Junsu and Jaejoong’s prerecorded voices to be wailing out of the speakers instead, a la 2PM’s performances of “Again & Again” after Jay left? Would it be better that way? Would it be better for SM to take after JYP’s craptastic PR strategies and keep DBSK’s name and existence in relative ambiguity while they sweep in your money and sympathy? It’s nice that so many people are “keeping the faith” in DBSK’s eventual reunion, but come on, now. Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun are working on their own careers apart and away from Yunho and Changmin. And, by the looks of it, Yunho and Changmin are planning on continuing the DBSK legacy as a two-man band. In five years, all of them will be in the army. Hope is good. Delusion is not.

Fans have been waiting for months for an answer. Fans keep saying, “I don’t care if they’re broken up; I just want to know what’s going to happen to them, and I promise I’ll support all five of them no matter what they do.” And the answer was this: that Yunho and Changmin are the new DBSK, that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu’s voices have been phased out of all their performance tracks – heck, that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu will not be a part of the “new” DBSK. There are next to no signs pointing to DBSK’s return as five, and a bajillion signs pointing to the contrary. Both SM and Jaechunsu are telling us the same thing: Thanks for the memories, but we’ve moved on…and so should you.

SMTown Live was your answer, people. The answer was “no,” and all things considered, SM was pretty damn courteous in how they presented it. Take it or leave it – and if you choose to leave it, don’t attack others in order to protect your own fantasies.

(So yes, this “hater” does indeed know the “significance” of what happened during last night’s performance. And I have just as much a right to tactlessly spout off my own opinions as you have a right to tactlessly spout off yours.)

With the news of Jaechunsu and Homin pursuing activities as 3 and 2, and possibly becoming rivals on the domestic music market, I’m starting to get worried because of the obvious: there will be fan wars. Now that the lawsuit is essentially over, fans will no longer regard SM as a viable scapegoat for all their problems and unhappiness. Who will replace SM? Who will be the one figure responsible for all the fans’ pain? Whose fault is it, and who should we blame?

A difficult question to answer – especially since no one person is at fault.

In the end, Jaechunsu fans will blame Homin, Homin fans will blame Jaechunsu, and the fans who chose to take a step back and accept reality for what it is will be regarded as “traitors” and not “true Cassies.” Good. Do you know how hard it is to call yourself a Cassie or Shawol or Hottest or VIP considering all the garbage associated with each label?  If you don’t go to the airport and mob your favorite idols the moment they step off the skywalk, are you a “true fan”? If you don’t show your undying love and support for every single stupid thing your favorite idols do, are you a “true fan”? If you critique your favorite idols’ performances and call them out on their faults, are you a “true fan”?Since when was the title of “fan” lifted to such a lofty height that only those who kiss the ground that their idols walk on are granted the honor?

It’s like a freaking cult, yo.

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  • Just wondering, but which particular part of the fandom went batshit for this? I’ve never heard any news of international Cassies being upset over Yesung and Onew covering for the vocals, but are you talking about the ones on the Korea/Japan/China side?

    • Patricia

      The controversy of that event itself wasn’t widespread – it was mainly sparked by a Twitter rant by a prominent staff member of a well-known DBSK fan forum, which then influenced her followers to react in a similar manner. I don’t believe that a lot of fans reacted in a similar manner to that specific event, but what I noticed was that their reactions all stemmed back to one thing: fans who can’t come to terms with the reality of DBSK’s breakup.

      I’d try to explain myself more, but apparently someone posted an excerpt from this post on a tumblog called “kpopsecrets.” The reactions from fans to this post…well, I guess they kinda speak for themselves.

  • Sorry I might be too late to comment on this post. I found this page while googling something *I can’t remember* about JJ (you might have realised that lol anyway moving on) After watching some of the videos you posted here I came to realise that actually it was always Changmin or Yunho who’d stress about DBSK to be as one in the past. Eg Min saying that DBSK will always be 5, and Yunho saying that he’ll be a good leader of the group. I rarely see Junsu, JJ and Yoochun saying stuff like dat, though maybe it’s just me? I dunno. Maybe that’s why HoMin refuse to leave SM and still keeping faith under the name DBSK.. Just saying =)

    Btw your site is nice! Keep it up :)

  • Homura

    Absolutely agreed.