Ma-ma-ma-ma-madonna, donna

Secret: “Madonna”:

Seems like I’ve picked the worst possible time to start watching weekly music shows again, because all the performances are rather underwhelming (yes, “Lucifer” included…follow-up single soon, please?). I’d never thought that Secret would be the exception, considering the amount of mediocrity that these random mid-size entertainment companies have been spitting out from their girl groups as of late. (Um, Chocolate, anyone?)

Secret is good. Young and inexperienced, but good – especially when considering the slump in talent and quality that has plagued the girl group scene as of late. It’s a shame that they’re always stuck promoting alongside the likes of comparatively crappy girl groups, which thus tosses them into the same pool of mediocrity as, say, Rainbow. Ugh. Rainbow.

And what’s even more of a shame is that “Madonna” could potentially be THE meme of the summer, which could then potentially launch Secret into the popularity it deserves. I mean, look at this. LOOK AT THIS.

I get the vibe that TS was trying to pull an “Abracadabra”-esque phenom with “Madonna,” but with the group drowning amidst the debuts of a bajillion other mediocre-but-similar-in-style girl groups, it’s hard to attract much attention. To be honest, I don’t think “Abracadabra” would’ve attracted the amount of attention it did had it not included the oh-so-scandelicious, three-second-long implied lesbo scene between Narsha and Ga-in at the end. (Get your MV banned = instant popularity. Tis true.) And to be honest, I also don’t think “Abracadabra” showed BEG at the best of their ability as well as “Madonna” does for Secret. Then again, what meme-d song ever does a group justice.

In conclusion: If “Madonna” wasn’t such a good song and the members weren’t so talented, then Secret would be popular. Maybe.

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