Did I really not find this any earlier?

01/04/09 – SBS Inkigayo SHINee Special Stage:
“너 아니면 안 되는걸 (ROMANTIC)”, “사.계.한 (Love should go on)”, “아.미.고. (AMIGO)”:

K-pop special stages = life, and this is why.

It’s like they did this performance expressly for the sake of my happiness. I would’ve given a limb to hear them sing “Romantic” live one more time after their joint stage with FT Island, but three of my favorite songs from their first album IN ONE PERFORMANCE…omg shaking and crying, someone hold me.

I think that SHINee was at their current best during that period, and it’s so hard to believe that they were only between the ages of 15 and 19 at that time. It’s not to say that their current performances are bad – the material’s just gotten more difficult and I’m now wondering if they were truly focused on improving their performances during comeback preparations. Everything just seems so iffy, and it makes me uneasy.

I’m starting to tire from watching “Lucifer” three times a week because – yes, I can’t listen to the song more than three times without feeling like I’mma break out in hives, but because it’s an exhausting song to watch and to perform and it just shows. And now that their popularity is working its way steadily upward, they’re focusing less on improving what matters and what they do best, and more on their MCing, radio DJ-ing, being “personalities” – stuff that less talented groups rely on in order to maintain their popularity.

Ugh, I’ve always believed that, like DBSK, SHINee was one of those groups that could get away with being awkward and unfunny because they were simply good enough to not need all that crap. Now, I’m really hoping that they don’t end up, you know, selling out.

tl;dr: Ugh, Key and Jonghyun, you guys used to be so good…what happened? TT_TT

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