Music Bank, June 11th, 2010: “다시돌아와” – Infinite

I’m feeling this group; not feeling this song. The chorus of a song usually makes or breaks it for me, and “다시돌아와”‘s chorus is comparatively weak even to most indie-pop pieces, which is the vibe I’m getting for this song.

What I am impressed with, however, is their choreography. And their dance skill, obviously…but that’s a given. Each member has a distinct sense of rhythm and flow and, unlike, most other groups, I don’t see a single member who’s doing the choreography for the sake of doing choreography. That’s a rarity these days.

But I have to give props to whomever their choreographer is, because the choreography is tight here. They could’ve gotten away with prancing around on stage, shouting into their mics, trying to look like BAMFs throughout the entire song, and it would’ve worked just fine. That’s the kind of vibe that this song emits (kind of like how Epik High can get away with not dancing to their dance-able songs). But instead, they used complicated and sophisticated choreography to enhance the mood of the song. And I’m not talking about one or two members having a b-boy dance break in the middle, as is the trend nowadays with many K-pop groups. The choreography was almost military on how uniform it was–and the members were able to pull it off cleanly and with finesse. For a rookie band, I’m impressed.

The vocals were a bit of a letdown, admittedly. I was really looking forward to the vocal break at 3:20, but it was pretty weak as far as vocal high points go. The rapper seems inexperienced and needs to work on his flow, but that will come with time. Meh. I get the feeling that I won’t be buying any of their albums anytime soon, but I’ll be watching them a lot on music shows. Oh, wait, isn’t that the same thing I said about SS501?

It’s kind of unfortunate that a lot of their hype was derived from the fact that Tablo is their mentor and sunbae, especially since their debut piece is something that does not reek of Epik High-ness at all. However, it is different, which is something to look out for these days. The juxtaposition of the very boyband-esque supersynched choreography with the zanyness of the band’s music is very interesting.

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