MV of the day: “다시돌아와”

You know what’s so great about working with a company that doesn’t usually produce mainstream pop? NO GIMMICKS.


0:20 Sunggyu (leader)
0:22 Myungsoo aka L (visual)
0:25 Woohyun (vocalist)
0:29 Hoya (dance machine)
0:32 Sungyeol (vocalist)
1:01 Sungjong (pretty maknae)
1:43 Dongwoo (rapper)

(Thank you, Youtube commentor, for your Guide To Identifying Faces That Generally Look Exactly The Same Upon Initial Examination. But then again, that’s nothing new in K-pop.)

I’m not a huge fan of the song–it might be less crappily autotune-y, mainstream pop-y as usual, but it gets repetitive and it’s not very inspired. But we’ve all become accustomed to most groups’ debut songs generally sucking, especially lately. Generally speaking, one can no longer determine a group’s potential by judging the musical merit of the piece. Instead, you’ve got to observe the members’ abilities instead. Now usually, those haven’t proven to be all too impressive lately, either. You can see why the newer K-pop groups have not really pulled me in these days.

But with Infinite, I see potential. A lot of it.

I had half-expected for Infinite to be some zany indie hip-hop group, especially since Tablo is their sunbae, after all. The zanyness was aptly reflected in the music video, which made me very happy. The main thing that impressed me most about the video was how comfortable and experienced they looked. Most debut MVs are dead giveaways simply because the members end up looking like they’re trying way too hard to be cool. Didn’t get that vibe at all this time. And why? Because they’re confident in their abilities. Because they’re talented enough to be that confident.

I need to hear more from them before I make any more judgment calls, but musically speaking, I’m impressed. The choreo is (surprisingly) tight (once again, this is largely taking into account that they’re from a company that doesn’t produce mainstream pop), and although I highly doubt that every member is a ZOMGSPAZZworthy amazing singer, the few voices I can make out are impressive. Mr. High Note at 0:48, and Mr. I Have A Hot Voice at 2:26? I’mma be keepin’ an eye on you two. Mmf.

Generally speaking, I’m impressed not necessarily by the song, but by the members’ performances in the song. Which is generally what we look for when examining a rookie group. Woolim’s got some pretty cool creative staff working for them, and “다시돌아와” was an interesting choice in terms of style and tone for a boyband who looks like they’re going for a mainstream audience. Seriously wondering exactly where these boys are going to end up, but I guess we’ll have more definitiveness on that when their second song comes out. I have high hopes for these guys.

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  • Monica

    Shoot me for mentioning this, but there was also some blatant, blatant company-sanctioned fanpairing going on with the two guys who end up on the motorcycle. I feel the need to point this out because I haven’t seen anyone else do so and it was just so glaringly obvious so… Yeah. I’m amused by it more than anything, especially cause it was unexpected (but, then again, there’s a Segway in the mv. That’s like… Beyond unexpected.)

    And yes, the choreo is tight, and I like those suits. They’re interesting but not tacky in attempting to be “unique” or something. I do not approve, however, of the sudden “becoming a new song” thing that goes on near the middle-end there. KPop really needs to get over the constant complete changing of songs just to fit in a rap section or a dance break or a vocal highlight; it takes away from the song when you’ve got a super repetitive beat going and then its suddenly something totally different and then it’s just back to normal and it’s like “wait, woah, what just happened?”