Music Core, June 4th, 2010: “Love Ya” – SS501

I had heard that SS501’s live perfs tended to be a bit weak vocally, so I didn’t go in expecting too much in the vocals department. And I pretty much got what I had expected.

I don’t usually wish for groups to lip-synch live, but when I do, it’s not necessarily meant to be an insult. In this case, I wish they would’ve lip-synched. Not because their vocals were that ear-splittingly bad (although they were pitchy as haaaaaale), but because it detracted so much from their excellent choreography, to the point of distraction.

SS501’s dance skills pretty much comprise their entire performance integrity, it seems. I’m not complaining, especially with this song. I haven’t examined “Love Like This” nearly enough to be a good judge, but “Love Ya’ proves to be such a strong comeback because of the combination of the strong mood of the song, paired with the equally strong choreography. Kudos to the producers, for sure.

Vocals are an easy thing to improve on…but they’ve been around for such a long time that it makes me wonder if they’re going to get any better. Although I predict, what with such a strong and well-received comeback, we might all be pleasantly surprised. I like the tone of almost all their voices, so I really hope their skill level goes up. (I say the same thing about Hyori, but let’s face it–she’s so famous and well-received already that I’m pretty sure things won’t change. Shame.)

Also, seriously, what is with the trend with the Hitler haircut nowadays? First it was Changmin, now Hyunjoong…

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