Song/MV of the day: “Love Ya”

Dude, I am impressed, yo. And that’s a lot coming from me, who can’t help but make Kim Hyun Joong her sub-permanent K-pop laughingstock. (Which really doesn’t change even with “Love Ya,” but the other members make up for it pretty well. Hm, maybe I should get to know their names, for a start…)

I’m not sold on the song completely–it’s far from original and more overdramatic than it is dynamic–but the staging is GUHHHHH. It’s sharp and crisp and everything you’d want for choreography in a song like this. The fist punch around 2:42 was freaking sexy. Wish the MV had better lighting so we could catch every move, but for ambiance’s sake I shouldn’t complain and just wait until they start performing on music shows. Which I am totally looking forward to, no lie…and I never watch music shows.

The rap break had me pretty floored, too. Whoever spits out that line beginning at 3:00 has my respect. Does each member (save for Hyun Joong) rap during that break? If so, I am impressed. Man, I should really get to know the members’ names…>_>;;;

SS501, I don’t know why I ignored you for such a long time, especially since you’re all so pretty and everyone knows my weakness for prettiness. I’m sorry for my past iniquities. Please continue being pretty and talented like you are.

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  • 3:00 – that’s the youngest member, Kim Hyung Joon (I agree, he was amazing).
    The first rapper (you probably know already) is Kim Hyun Joong.
    And the other one (there’s only three rappers, he goes twice, at the second and fourth line) is Kim Kyu Jong.
    At 1:00 is Huh Yeongsaeng.
    At about 1:34 is Park Jungmin.
    Hopefully that helped :)

    • patricia

      Haha that did! Thanks for the clarification ^^